RealLifeSkin™ Toe and Foot Prosthesis Technologies

Many foot amputees have very sensitive areas and cavities that are prone to infection. Since RealLifeSkin™ toe and foot prosthesis technology are custom designed, each toe and foot prosthesis is carefully made to fit and cradle any sensitive areas, thereby maximizing function, fit and protection.

The unique medical grade silicone construction of our prostheses is hypoallergenic and helps protect the skin from breakdown and infection.

Typical Functional Profile of a Custom RealLifeSkin™ Foot Prosthesis:

– Protection

RealLIfeSkin™ toe and foot prostheses have an integrated silicone suction suspension socket engineered for precise fit. This total contact fit, with even pressure distribution of hypoallergenic medical grade silicone around the residuum, reduces chance of skin breakdown and sores when proper wearing protocol is followed.

– Aesthetic Function

RealLifeSkin™ is extremely life-like thereby enabling increased social function for various activities. This is particularly helpful when open-toe shoes or sandals are desired.

– Anterior Support

Since RealLifeSkin™ prostheses contain a custom “three-dimensional puzzle-piece fit,” the silicone filling will cradle the congenital shaped missing portion and provide support for the anterior (front) part of the residuum. This aids in reducing “drop-off” in late stance phase of gait (walking pattern).

– Gait and Mobility

Although not completely predictable, gait will improve due to increased anterior and lateral (side) support the prostheses provide by restoring forefoot anatomy. This will also contribute to reduction of lateral “drop off” by restoring forefoot width. Additionally, Carbon graphite plates of varying rigidity can be placed within a shoe to further help gait by displacing the focus of kick-off.

RealLifeSkin Toe and Foot Prosthesis Examples
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Actual Patients Wearing RealLifeSkin Toe and Foot Prosthetics